Shoulder pain can be caused by many different abnormalities within or around the shoulder-joint-complex. The shoulder-joint-complex is composed of several joints interacting in a precise manner to allow proper pain-free mobility. Correct pain-free mobility of the shoulder requires a balance of strength and flexibility, and correct alignment of the bones within each of the shoulder-complex joints. Imbalances of strength and/or flexibility can cause certain structures within the joint to be placed under increased forces, which eventually leads to tissue irritation and pain. A physical therapist can evaluate your condition to determine what specific imbalances are causing your shoulder pain. By identifying your strength deficits, flexibility deficits, and alignment deficits, a physical therapist can prescribe specific therapeutic exercises to address these impairments and restore proper mobility and pain-free function of your shoulder.

Your Physical Health in General

Tissue irritation, resulting in pain, generally does not happen overnight. It is a slow process of musculoskeletal dysfunction that can potentially be identified long before any symptoms are felt. Physical therapists are trained to identify contributing factors to musculoskeletal impairments and dysfunction in order to correct and prevent future occurrence. If your physical health is important to you, and you would like to prevent future musculoskeletal problems, contact our office to inquire about preventative measures you can take to live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.