Knee pain is a common condition that can be very disabling and potentially limiting to your independence and mobility. Often contributing to knee pain are:

  • Deficits in flexibility
  • Decreased range of motion within joints of the leg
  • Strength deficits in the upper or lower leg
  • Misalignments of the bony structures of the foot or leg
  • Improper mechanics of the leg during activity
  • Increased weight / force through the knee.

Physical therapy can be helpful in determining what contributing factors are present in your condition. By identifying the causes of your knee pain, physical therapists can prescribe an individualized treatment plan to address your specific condition. By eliminating the contributing causes of your knee pain, physical therapy can reduced or eliminate your knee pain, improve your mobility, and prevent future occurrence.

Your Physical Health in General

Tissue irritation, resulting in pain, generally does not happen overnight. It is a slow process of musculoskeletal dysfunction that can potentially be identified long before any symptoms are felt. Physical therapists are trained to identify contributing factors to musculoskeletal impairments and dysfunction in order to correct and prevent future occurrence. If your physical health is important to you, and you would like to prevent future musculoskeletal problems, contact our office to inquire about preventative measures you can take to live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.