What Physicians are saying about Physical Therapy Innovations…

Over 400 medical practitioners, surgeons, major medical groups and institutions such as Stanford University’s Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Group, The Center for Orofacial Pain and Temporal Mandibular Disorders at UCSF Dental School, and UC Sports Medicine Department in the East Bay refer PTI services to their patients.

Allen and his partners provide expert and personable service in physical therapy. His office is clean and welcoming with a positive atmosphere for recovery. They also communicate promptly and clearly with other health care providers. Highly recommended!

Charles McLaughlin, M.D.

I highly recommend Allen Ling and his PT staff for the treatments of all injuries that include the neck/spine, back/hip leg/feet. Allen and his staff provide excellent PT, and are very well known in the El Cerrito community. When patients call us for a recommendation of where to go for their back and leg injuries, we suggest PTI and Allen Ling.

Susan Cupples, Director El Cerrito & Oakland Hand Therapy and Acupuncture

Allen Ling is not only an amazing and gifted physical therapist; he is a very charming and easy person to work with. I spent six months working for Allen on my final clinical internship component of my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. We clicked the moment we met and have remained close since I left Physical Therapy Innovations in 2008. He was able to put me at ease right away, shifting many of his patients to my caseload at the same time putting confidence in his patients about my ability to take care of them. Allen gave me freedom to try new ideas and treatment techniques. While he was able to just let me be a therapist and find my own way, he was and still is, always available for feedback and guidance. Allen’s real gift as a person and as a supervisor is that he enjoys giving and genuinely helping people succeed.

Aaron LeBauer, DPT

I feel PTI is a great clinic for students who are confident in their abilities & those who are ‘closet’ confident just need a little shove. The PTs give you the opportunity to explore your knowledge obtained from school, research, and other affiliations without making you feel like a student. They welcome your input & embrace your curiosity by facilitating learning.

Ryan Bailey (formerly Baldwin), DPT University of New England Recipient of the 2009 Outstanding Clinical Performance Award

I have had the privilege of working with Allen Ling and PT Innovations from both sides of the equation. I have referred patients to PTI with excellent results, both medically and from the standpoint of client satisfaction; and recently, when I received treatment for my own back condition, I confirmed the positive feedback which I was getting from my own patients. PT Innovations is a first-class facility and I recommend it highly.

Robert A. Fink, M. D., FACS, Neurological Surgeon Berkeley, CA

I hear that you are doing wonderful things with our problems shoulder patients..that aquatic therapy is great!

Holly, another Physical Therapist

Mr. Ling and his group have made the conscious effort to provide pool therapy, despite the losing financial proposition that is undertaken. Mr. Ling and I have had mutual patients for almost a decade, and I have countless patient testimonials as to his dedication and commitment to providing the absolute best therapy possible. The therapists at Physical Therapy Innovations have always gone above and beyond in providing the physical and mental care required to rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries. I strongly support pool therapy at Physical Therapy Innovations…

Robert Eppley, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon, Berkeley, CA
Voted repeatly by his peer as “The Bay Areas Best Doctors” “Best of the Bay” by Focus Magazine “San Francisco’s Top Doctors” by San Francisco Magazine

My patients look forward to their appointments at PT Innovations. The therapists are highly skilled in manual and exercise techniques, and have excellent outcomes with both surgical and non-surgical patients.

Elly LaRoque, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon, S.F., CA

Allen Ling is a man of passion and compassion. With these qualities, he has inspired a culture of excellent, attentive care at PTI. As a surgeon, I tell my patients that their outcomes are only as good as their therapy. Therefore, I consider Allen Ling and PTI a vital partner in the care of my patients.”

David Chang, MD
Bay Area Sports Orthopaedics

Sports Medicine Physicians partner with skilled physical therapists to deliver optimal patient care. Allen Ling and his associates at Physical Therapy Innovations have forged an effective working relationship with my practice. PTI offers a wide range of therapeutic modalities that enable them to effectively treat a myriad of complicated ailments. Many of my patients benefit from the individualized treatment plans essential for recovery provided to them by the skilled therapists at PTI. Communication between physician, therapist, and patient is essential. PTI provides timely updates on patient progress and partners with me to provide superior medical care. PTI is a superior and valuable resource for sports medicine patients of all ages.

Chad Roghair, MD
Head Team Physician, St. Mary’s College
Sports Medicine Specialist, California Sports and Orthopaedic Institute

We have recommended Physical Therapy Innovations for the rehabilitation of our patients for many years. They have always demonstrated an enormous capacity for thorough and compassionate care.

Warren Strudwick Jr., MD & Steve Isono, MD
Bay Area Orthopaedic Sports & Spine

PTI is a haven where I send patients for rehabilitation as well as comfort. The staff is knowledgable and kind, and the facilities pleasantly well maintained. Even though physical therapy is hard work, the folks at PTI make it an optimal, safe and personal experience.

Mechel Henry, MD
Kentfield rehabilitation and Specialty Hospital

PT Innovations clearly lives up to it’s name. Allen and his staff have consistently given superior care with warmth – individualizing the appropriate healing pathway.

Elizabeth Anthony, M.D., Family Practice

PTI is the first therapy site in the Bay Area to encourage the use of Aqua Therapy. Allen Ling has lectured nationally on setting up pool therapy with (land) physical therapy. A pioneer is rare to find these days.

Michael Charles, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon

I have had an outstanding professional relationship with PTI (Allen Ling & staff) because my patients recieve customized physical therapy for their specific problems rather than the standard cookbook (heat, bake & stretch technique). The goals (of the PTI clinicians) are always to instruct patients in proper body mechanics and (independent home) exercises for after they have completed their formal physical therapy. My patients are always pleased with the special attention they receive (from PTI clinicians) for their problems.

Robert Fox, M.D., Neurologist

You always see our patients promptly and the patients appreciate the good care from P.T. Innovations. I highly recommend your group.

Mary Jones, M.D., Pediatrician

Physical Therapy Innovations is my referral of choice due to their expertise, care & concern, and “non-cook book” approach. I only have positive things to say (about the staff).

Ernest Katler, M.D. Rheumatologist

I just wanted to let you know that I get consistently outstanding feedback from my patients at P.T. Innovations. Congratulations and thanks!

John Mattson, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon

In the seven years I worked with Allen and his staff, I have found them consistently outstanding and professional in their work with my patients. Whether dealing with one of our professional athletes, injured workers, or the elderly, Physical Therapy Innovations has the capability to deliver top quality rehabilitation and physical therapy care.

Christopher S. Mow, MD Orthopaedic Surgeon
Clinical Asst. Professor
Stanford University Medical Center
Asst. Team Physician, S.F. 49ers

Allen Ling and his staff at PT Innovations have provided our patients who have musculoskeletal disorders with top quality care in helping them regain physical function and improve their quality of life. The feedback form the therapists is timely amd insightful, and all the issues are addressed in a professional and caring manner. I have complete confidence that when I refer my patients to PTI, they will receive the best care available.

Michael Park, M.D., Physiatrist
Founder of East Bay Spine & Sports

I have been referring patients to Allen Ling since he opened his practice. I have found him to be of fine character and an excellent referral for the delivery of physical therapy services for all my patients.

Andrew B. Wallach, M.D., Family Practice

PTI has been an intricate part of our non-operative, comprehensive treatment of patients with musculoskeletal injuries, both acute & chronic in nature. I recommend them highly and without any reservations.

John Welsh, M.D. Physiatrist

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