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Health Tips

Improve Your Posture

Straighten up, Don’t slouch These exercises can help your posture, which could spare you back pain down the line. September 13, 2011|By Julie Deardorff | Tribune Newspapers (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune) Poor posture can make you look 10 pounds heavier. It could sabotage a promotion. And slumped or hunched shoulders are a major reason why back pain affects 80 percent of Americans at some point in their life. “Poor posture isn’t just disrespectful; it will ruin your spinal health and leads to a dreadful life,” said Gloria Starr, an international business coach who teaches posture at her North Carolina finishing and

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Movement and Range of Motion

Human movement is dependent on the amount of range of motion (ROM) available in synovial joints. In general, ROM may be limited by 2 anatomical entities: joints and muscles. Joint restraints include joint geometry and congruency as well as the capsuloligamentous structures that surround the joint. Muscle provides both passive and active tension: passive muscle tension is dependent on structural properties of the muscle and surrounding fascia, while dynamic muscle contraction provides active tension. Structurally, muscle has viscoelastic properties that provide passive tension. Active tension results from the neuroreflexive properties of muscle, specifically peripheral motor neuron innervation (alpha motor neuron)

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Nancy Kerrigan Fights Back With Water Therapy

February 7, 1994 Boston With the opening ceremonies of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games just around the comer, world famous figure skater Nancy Kerrigan has a lot of work to do to get ready. As if regular Olympic preparation weren’t enough. Kerrigan is also battling the knee injury she sustained during an attack on her at last month’s United States Figure Skating Championships in Detroit. A few years ago, returning to competition so quickly was simply unheard of for elite athletes. The rehabilitation of such serious injuries used to take several months at the least. But now, thanks to advancement

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Water Therapy Gives Lift to Aching Backs

ALBANY – Bonita Claytor was pushing a cart bearing a 500-pound liquid nitrogen cylinder when the small steel wheels got caught on the leading edge of a carpet. She tried to tilt the cart and landed in the hospital. “I lost the feeling in my foot and my leg,” said Claytor, 42, a lab technician at Chevron Research Co. in Richmond. “I didn’t know that 1 had hurt my back.” The jelly-like substance in the disk between Clayton’s lumbar vertebra and sacrum had herniated, or squirted out, and was pushing on her spinal nerves, causing muscle weakness. and severe lower

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Working in Water Comes Naturally

By Dawn Frasieur El Cerrito physical therapist Alan Ling believes that swimming is an exceptional therapy tool. “Little babies swim before they n can walk,” he said. “It’s such a natural thing. You eliminate gravity and move freely without restricting forces.” Ling is enthusiastic about the use of such a natural approach to therapy. For that reason, he shies away from machines in his practice. “We don’t use many machines,” he said. “I believe people heal better with touch.” Ling described what he does as a kind of “touching for healing.” The combination of comfort and skill is the key,

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Water Therapy May Be Way to Rehabilitation

By Dawn Frasieur ALBANY – The new stairs at Albany Pool make entering and exiting more convenient for any swimmer who uses the facility. But for someone with a limiting physical handicap, they’re almost a necessity. It was that type of person that Dr. Alan Ling had in mind when he donated the stairs for community use. Among those who can now get in and out more easily are his own “pool therapy” patients. Ling, whose practice is entitled Physical Therapy Innovations, has had tremendous success using water as a physical therapy tool. Charles Novascone is a typical success story,

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Heated Pool Therapy Keeps Crippling Maladies at Bay

By Gerri Kobren The Baltimore Sun Faced with a choice, Pat Butz decided 21 months ago not to take life sitting down. “It was extraordinarily difficult for me to walk,” says the 47year-old Monkton, Md., resident, whose multiple sclerosis had progressed to the point that she was almost ready for a wheel chair. Instead, she opted for therapy and exercise in a heated pool, where she is freed of gravity’s drag by the buoyancy of the water and loosened up by its warmth. These days, thanks to her three-times-a-week water workout, she is able to do strength training at the

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